January 15, 2014

Official Opening Day -- Studio B

Today was our first official opening day and it was nice to be in the studio with Steve Hay, the artist in the other leased studio.   We had a few visitors and I think one of them may have purchased a painting from Steve!  If so, this bodes well.

I found having 6 hours to work at a stretch meant I needed to work on more than one painting.  I continued to work on the Maine house, taking the shadow I'd painted green back to purple as it was in the original study.  I think it's a little too strong, more work on that tomorrow.  I might also make the house a little shorter -- I think it looks too tall and needs a bit more grounding.  

first stab at the still life
The other thing I did today was bring in a bunch of tulips and set up a still life to paint.  I was going for very soft, very loose and I thought its first incarnation was the right direction, but not quite right.  I think, though, my messing with it didn't improve it and in fact seemed to make the color harmony (such as it was) even less harmonious.  I'll be scraping down the bottom to work on a new color down there tomorrow.

a change in the color at the bottom, a mistake to be corrected

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