September 15, 2018

Big Fishermen

this is the latest iteration
I roughed in this large -- 48 x 36" -- painting 2 weeks ago and got a first pass going into it and covering the canvas yesterday.  The reference photo, which I took when my husband and I were fly fishing with a guide last month in Montana, was very contrasty and monochromatic (pretty much all greens).   Knowing that's a limitation of my iPhone camera, not of the scene, I'm teasing out the blues, purples, pinks and oranges in the scene.

in progress

September 5, 2018

View from Beehive Basin Trail -- update

I may be done now with the painting I started two days ago based on reference photos taken along the Beehive Basin trail in Big Sky Montana.  There's beautiful, wildflower-filled meadows as you hike up the trail and a view of mountains in the distance.  We were hiking late in the day so the sun is getting lower in the sky and the flowers are back-lit.

I'm painting this with just 4 tubes of paint -- titanium white, prussian blue, quinacridone magenta and cadmium yellow light.  I've spent a bit of time mixing in advance to get the range of grays, greens and blues.   All pretty vivid colors, they seem to be able to find their space when mixed enough to bring down the intensity.