August 4, 2020

Lobsters, Again???

The top 5 ft x 3 ft oil painting of lobsters is still on my easel, not done yet.  But I am loving painting lobsters again.  The image below is a 9" x 12" gouache painting I did from my live model in Maine, done on slippery yupo paper.  

I shared the painting of the lobster below with a friend of mine, whose reaction "Lobsters again?" made me laugh.  Did anyone say to Monet, "waterlilies again?" and suggest he find a new subject?  Well, lobsters are my waterlilies.  I still have more lobster paintings in me.

Seawall, Maine

When I was in Maine a week ago, I went out to Seawall, a natural rock formation on Mount Desert Island along the coast.  I intended to paint there, but the weather was getting stormy, so I sketched in a notebook, took reference photos and worked on a oil painting when I got back in the studio.    

I've been painting in gouache so much lately that the oil paint felt like great.  I loved playing with it and having it move around and mix.  And the soft edges!  What a lot of fun.