April 30, 2009

In the Art World -- Pictures vs Words

I'm reading Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton.  Highly recommend it.  The chapter called "The Crit" focuses on CalArts.  Thornton says "It used to be said that some art colleges instructed their students only 'up to the wrist' (in other words, they focused on craftsmanship) while CalArts educated its artists only 'down to the wrist' (its concentration on the cerebral was such that it neglected the fine art of the hand)."   

Thornton goes on to discuss the critique process and how " there is undue pressure on artists to verbalize.  Many believe that artists shouldn't be obliged to explain their work.  As Hickey [an art critic] declares, "I don't care about an artist's intentions.  I care if the work looks like it might have some consequences."

So -- first -- I have to apologize to my fellow painter George, whom I asked to explain what was going on in a series of paintings he's been doing.   Still, I won't stop writing about what I'm working on, because I'm kind of a verbal person and it's not unnatural for me to match words to my own images.  

And  second -- where do I fit in the down to the wrist/up to the wrist thinking about art?  I have to admit I think craftsmanship is overrated...  but I have to think a lot more about this.  

What do you think?

April 28, 2009

Pond, Flowerpots at Brookside Gardens

The garden designers at Brookside set groupings of terra cotta pots into a rectangular pond with a fountain.  In 90 degree heat, it's an intense spot of color and ripples amid a very still setting.  The flower pot with the grasses hid a duck which had laid its eggs and was nesting there.  

April 19, 2009

Hanover Street Bridge

Today the Maryland State Championship Regatta was held in Baltimore, with boats racing under this bridge which spans the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River.   The city of Baltimore is in the distance.

April 17, 2009

Early Plum Trees

Out near Kentlands, the near trees are plums; the trees on the other side of the lake are cherries.  

April 1, 2009


You can go to wtop.com, click on video and view Cherry Blossoms: not on in DC or try this link:

April 1, 2009