January 18, 2018

The Card Game in progress - Big changes!

I broke away from the color of the slide that I'm using as the reference for this painting.  I was feeling like the warm colors weren't working and that maybe the color was an artifact of old light bulbs or old film.  Here's the new look!  I'm feeling like it's much closer to what I want in the painting, so I'll give it the weekend to see what to look at next.

I've moved on from studies of my grandma's card game, where I was working to find the right way to paint the expression on the faces of the players.  I'm now into a large painting that's coming along, slowly.  I'm still working out composition issues that didn't seem so important in the small studies -- whether or to to paint the Hummel figures on the inset shelf behind the card players, for one -- as well as trying to figure out whether the warm colors of the old Kodachrome slide should be retained or changed to a more balanced warm/cool look.

Here's where it is as of now.