March 26, 2015

Model in the studio

I haven't been in the studio for a while, as I've been figuring out how to manage with an injured knee and limited mobility.  The good news is that I've got the up-and-about to rest ratio figured out now and I'm in much less pain, able to do more.  In the studio class today, we had a model who was young,  beautiful and large.  I started to work on a portrait, avoiding painting her body, and decided instead to go for it and work on a painting of her torso.

March 7, 2015

Beach Sketches

I didn't bring paint to the beach last week, and ended up using a pen and copier paper do to some sketching.  I've got the sketches back in the studio and I'm thinking about how to use them.   There's so much information in the sketch about shapes... and so little information about everything else.  That's the challenge.

Here's the beginning of a painting based on that last sketch below.