April 26, 2019

Mural Project for NYC Education Center

Starry Night in Hardware by David Goldberg
conception of what the finished work will look like installed
I've been working for the past month on what will be a mural installed in an education center in NYC.  The mural will feature the Empire State Building, made out of door hardware!

The creator of the "Starry Night" mural in Bethesda, David
Goldberg, used hardware from his family's business to create Van Gogh's swirling painting.  He was commissioned to create this new work and asked me to work on it with him.  Unlike "Starry Night," this work will have a lot of paint showing!

I have been posting to my instagram (not surprisingly, its judygilbertlevey) in a story with every step of the way.

The project is being done on 2 panels which make up an 8' x 7' PVC surface.  PVC is not easy to paint on!

I've used a primer to set the work up for acrylic paint and it seems ok.  I wouldn't go as far as great, but it's working, just taking longer than I expected.

We've done many, many different layouts of the hardware, and adjusted the paint accordingly.

Today I think we may have settled on the finished hardware layout and tomorrow, if all goes well, the panels will be put back together so I can adjust.
This is what the hardware layout looks like

this panel is "done"