October 28, 2011

Through the trees at the beach

This is what it feels like coming to the beach -- deep in shade, looking through the manzanita trees and seeing the beach beyond. Jane was wise enough to pull a pareo over herself before she fell asleep and became the inadvertent model for the painting.

October 27, 2011

more Mexico beach views

I am using a ton of white, being surprised every time I mix paint and find the intensity of the interactive acrylic paints too powerful.

The painting of my friend Teresa is one I started last year, got to work on again this year. Not quite right yet, but getting there.

October 26, 2011

Painting on the Beach in Mexico

I'm using "interactive acrylic" paints -- a product that's new to me and so far so good. I brought only red, blue, yellow and white and I'm mixing to get color ranges. The Pacific Ocean is an amazing blue green, hard to get right, but I am going to keep trying!

October 19, 2011

Carousel Sketch at Glen Echo

It's hard to resist painting the garish colors of the historic carousel at Glen Echo... but I did. After about 45 minutes standing under an eave in the rain, this is where my sketch ended up.

I always liked it when I went with small children and they picked the deer or rabbit to ride on instead of the horses.

Foundry Gallery's New Website Launches Today!

Check it out -- www.foundrygallery.org -- it's our new website! If you find anything worth commenting on or needs fixing, let me know (glitches, typos, bad grammar) since I'm one of the administrators and I'll fix it.

October 17, 2011

Fall Along the C&O Canal

A beautiful morning to paint along the canal at Swain's Lock. The leaves were starting to turn and I exaggerated their intensity while the sky was grey and dark -- when the sun came out, the color was all there. There's some shine in the image here that's from wet oil and the camera flash, but I have to see how the painting dries a bit to figure out whether there's also some real life spots that I need to fix.

October 7, 2011

Ready to Move On

I've now explored the effect of lighter and darker foregrounds, warmer and cooler light areas... and I think this is it for the Brookside Garden banana plants... until next year.

October 5, 2011

Model & Banana Plants, 2.0

A gorgeous day today but I didn't finish the painting. Much improvement in depth, model's hat, light/dark balance, but I still have unresolved areas around the pot on the left and just to the left of the model. We won't be painting again at Brookside, so this is going to force me into my studio (and force me to clean the work space!).

October 3, 2011

Black, White, Burnt Sienna

Dreary day outside, we had the model in the studio. Painted with a limited palate, chose to keep her skin tones all warm and let her dress, the chair and background stay cool.