April 27, 2011

Washington Grove, Again

The light was completely different today than Monday, so I had to start a new painting rather than finish the one I'd started. This one came together quickly, a good thing since it started to rain as I packed up.

April 12, 2011

Back to Landscapes

It's nice to be painting a landscape again. I made progress today in the studio, but I have an old issue cropping up again. I have a lower left corner problem that happens because I foolishly choose to paint a view that the upper right corner of the canvas obscures. I used to do this all the time, didn't think about it yesterday, and here it is again. In the actual landscape, there's a nearly dead kalmia (mountain laurel) in that spot, not something I'd highlight in a painting anyway. I started to put the slates that make a path back to the hammock in place, so I might move them over and balance out the way-too-dark one in front anyway.

April 11, 2011

Painting in the Garden today

I was pelted by magnolia blossoms falling this morning, but got a start on a morning light painting. I had to quit at 11:40, as the light was getting too far from my original set up (and I still don't understand if "noon" is 12 when it's daylight savings time or if "noon" is defined according to standard daylight time -- whatever it is, when the sun's getting close to directly overhead, a morning painting is no longer morning). The weather tomorrow is not going to cooperate ... and if the blossoms fall and the trees leaf out, it's going to be a new world. I may have to finish this in the studio.

April 7, 2011

Working on Ed's portrait

I spent 2 hours the first day on Ed's portrait. I think I painted and wiped it out at least 4 times. I was painting from life --the photo is just to give you an idea of what he looked like, but it's not exactly taken from the same position I was painting. Still avoiding the photo, I worked on the painting today. I can see I need to do next...

Ed is a painter whose work can be seen at www.bearmiller.blogspot.com

April 4, 2011

Continuing the self-portrait

I painted today, scraping out that false smile, trying to envision myself without looking in the mirror. Maybe closer.

April 3, 2011

At Gallery 322 in Frederick

Thanks to Jan Kaufman, working in Frederick today at Gallery 322, for inviting me up to paint a still life. She left her paints at home, so in addition to setting up the work, she modeled for me too.

Frederick is a very lively place, many people stopping in (although I was a source of curiosity, painting in the window) to see the work of the 8 artists on display there.