April 19, 2018

Montana Fishing with Jeff

When I was last fishing on the Gallatin River with my husband, I was a bit more focused on taking pictures for future paintings than catching fish.

I finally had time to get into the studio and look at the references to put together this one.  It captures the moment when he is getting a new fly on the line to see if mixing things up can fool the fish into biting.  What I remember is that it worked!

I am building up the color in the scene, I think tomorrow I may get it wrapped up.

April 13, 2018

Simplified Scene from the past

This is a painting done from a kodachrome slide of my mother and me from the early 1960s.  The slide was pretty colorful, given its age.

I decided to keep it simple, using a light and a dark for each color of the painting.  I tried this out with less contrast, and then with more contrast, to see how it played out.

April 11, 2018

Still Life in the Studio

I had a round vase with tulips, ranunculus, and roses in my house so I set them up in a still life with a black orb, quilt and draped scarf in front of a mirror.  Just as an exercise. The scarf was a stiff fabric and it didn't exactly drape as I'd hoped, but I painted it anyway.

I don't know that I'll fix the issue with the left side of that scarf, but it was good to get some painting done.