July 23, 2013


I'm calling these done.  The top one I resolved by merging the figure on the right into the background -- that pushes it back in the space and keeps it from dominating because of its size and shape.  

July 17, 2013

Hot Interior Space

It's 100 degrees outside and I'm not going out to paint!  I'm letting my Tuscany scene dry a bit and see how it comes out to figure out whether further changes are needed, and in the interim, the heat is making me see red.

I was at a party in a lush, red space this past spring and was struck by the range of feelings evoked by the large red room with its big windows and cosy furniture.  It was simultaneously warm, calm, airy, intimate and inviting.  This is my beginning of a painting based on what that space looked like.

July 14, 2013

Dinner in Tuscany

Our last night in Tuscany (just one week ago!), we had dinner outside. The patio overlooked the pool, which floated above the hills and valleys beyond.  The  sun was setting.  The color of the sun's last light and candlelight on the table was spectacular.

I'm working on capturing a moment during that dinner.  The lower photo is the earlier version.  The brightness on the right is a shiny reflection in the paint from the light in the room,  it's not that bright in the real painting.