November 10, 2008

farm scene in Poolesville

Early morning, the farmyard was dense with sheep, one bull, a few turkeys, roosters and hens.  That didn't last!  I had the animals in place all of 15 minutes and then they all went off to another pasture, leaving me with the question of what to do with the sketched in animals.  I've had two opinions about the bull in front -- either to turn him so he's looking into the yard or to "paint his portrait."  Not sure which I'll do -- but I'll be trying to get to him later this week when I hope he'll pose for me.

November 7, 2008

Waters House, Germantown MD

You'd think the oldest house in Germantown, with parts dating back to 1790, would be pretty spectacular.  And it is -- but it's surrounded, smothered even, by close in housing developments and the construction of a new school adjacent to its site.  Still, with blinders on, you can look at the house, the barns beyond and off into the woods beyond and see a glimpse of Maryland's past.  We had a group of Montgomery County Plein Air painters at the site and a beautiful day to paint.