January 10, 2020

Wedding Dresses - Updated!

This is the final wedding dress painting, I ditched the hangers and added flowers and wine glasses to the scene

Happy to be back in the studio after my latest bump in the road (4th knee replacement!).  I saw a friend's daughters' wedding dresses hanging in her house not long ago and I thought how much fun it would be to paint them.  The dresses are so different in style -- apropos of each daughter's personality -- and I added a flower girl dress and my own old wedding dress to the mix to hang in my studio.

I sketched in gouache today to try to get down some ideas about how to approach a possible painting of the dresses.  I tried a few different backdrops, including an old quilt, but went with plain gray panels.  Under strict orders to avoid getting paint on the dresses, I'm going to take them home after studio time today and work from my sketches and some reference photos I took.