September 26, 2011

Back to Banana Plants

Today I was back at Brookside Gardens, back to my favorite pots of banana plants. I painted from a spot at a little different angle, and I sat down in the wet grass so I could catch the back of the model sitting in the middle of the scene. If experience is any guide, I'll be looking at mums when I get back to finish the painting as the banana plants give way to fall. I've got some work to do on the hat -- the "easy" part of the painting! -- which needs emphasis on the back of the hat, a better fit on the model's head and maybe some color adjustment to take its proper place in the arrangement of pots and arching leaves.

September 14, 2011

Back at the Orchard

I brought back yesterday's painting to put another hour into resolving some of its distance issues.

September 13, 2011

Butler's Orchard

Beautiful day at Butler's Orchard. They had huge bags of honeycrisp apples, our absolute favorite. The painting wasn't bad, either, but I was rushed (aren't I always?), this time because I had the 9-week-old puppy at home and was worrying about him. My friend Marie and I compared notes about teacher/artist Christine LaFuente as it turned out she'd also taken a workshop with her. I am hoping the puppy wouldn't mind if I go back tomorrow to get a few more thoughts into this painting.