January 9, 2014

New Beach Painting, Questions about a Still Life

 I started working today on a painting of the beach in Puna Mita, Mexico. I painted the small piece on the left in acrylic paint on paper while sitting under a beach umbrella while on a vacation in the past.  I love the feeling of that small piece and want to see if I can, with oil paint, get better color and distance while keeping the feeling of what it's like to be in the hot shade reading a book while the cool water laps nearby.   (the painting on the other easel is my studio-mate, Linda Button's work.  She paints store windows and mannequins)

  The lemon still life that I'd painted in Maine last summer has had its reimagining to a 30 x 40 painting.  When I started it, below, the painting was rough and energetic.  Although I wanted to create a more open still life than the original set up, and I think I've done that, I miss the roughness of the sketch and the study.  I though it was done, left, but not sure now.  Something I will keep pondering.

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