January 30, 2014

Experiment with Galkyd

I'm going to be traveling next week and continuing my endless search for an ideal way to paint, transport gear and get wet paintings home.  When I went to Montana, I brought a box with slats for a 12" wide painting and that seemed to work well enough to get the work home without a lot of mess.  This time, in my support of our neighborhood art supply store, when I went to get 12" wide boards, they had one.  So I got a mix of sizes and can't use the box to allow separation between them.

My idea this time is to use galkyd, a Gamblin product, as a medium for mixing the paint.  It's a bit shiny, but it offers the promise of "dry to the touch" in 24 hours, so I should be able to bring home a week's worth of work -- fingers crossed.

Today's little painting is my practice for using galkyd.  The tea cart is a new piece of furniture in the studio and it seemed like a good spot for a little painting of a teapot.  The paint seemed to be drying as I was working and I will get to check on it tomorrow.  I also hope the clean up got all the galkyd out of my brushes!

The other work I did today was finish the still life. I made the grapes a bit more defined and touched up the watermelon a bit.

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