January 5, 2014

"Double Take" -- Montana Pine Painting

I'm moving into my new studio tomorrow and also getting ready for a solo show in April at the Foundry Gallery.  As I expect to be spending a lot of studio time in the  next couple of months, I decided my April show will feature "double takes" -- a second painting of a work I'd done in a small study and then brought into the studio to revisit, refine and enhance the idea.   I'd seen Van Gogh's Repetitions exhibit at the Phillips Collection in DC and it was fascinating to consider the ways he'd taken a subject and played with change of palette, focus and elements in the composition to express different ideas.

the study done outside
I've done one now of Lone Peak (I have to photograph that and post it) and I'm working on the painting of the pines in the snow and their shadows.  On the larger canvas, I've been able to work on more variation in the color of the snow and make the snow a more tactile part of the painting than I could on the small board I'd painted on outside.  The pine tree is in a pretty simple state right now and before this is done, I am going to work on bringing the branches in and out of the light as I did in the study.

the studio work in progress

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