June 21, 2014

Flowers from a study

I have the study I did last week of clematis and hydrangeas... and I still have hydrangeas I can cut from my garden, but the clematis isn't in any shape to bring into the studio.  And it's rainy out, so rather than cut new wet flowers to bring in, I'm working from the study.  I don't have a photo of the set up, but I'd roughed in a large painting while the flowers were still in the vase and between that and the small painting, it's coming together.

This is the work in progress.  In the study, I didn't include the pedestal the flowers were on and the vase shape was kind of odd because I was looking down on the arrangement.  I'm taking advantage of the longer proportions of the larger canvas to include the pedestal and elongate the vase so that the ratio of flowers to other stuff (background, vase, etc.) has changed.  I am making more of the background in this one.... at least so far.

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