June 12, 2014

Flower Painting, one more time!

I've been working on a flower painting, another angle on the arrangement I've now painted in a few different ways from the studies I'd done last summer and the photos I took of the set up. In this painting, I decided to include the meadow-like view out the window, which shows how the color and feel of Maine flows from outside to inside.  This is a smaller painting, 16 x 20.

It was fun last night to be at an event held at a gorgeous apartment owned by people who have three of my paintings and a print of mine.  I was nervous -- I hadn't seen the work up on the walls (as much as I do move things in and out of my house, it's nothing like seeing the work in a someone else's home) and I wondered how they'd hung them, especially the 5 foot wide painting of Roses, Paris, Spring.   Wow, I hope it doesn't sound self-involved to say this, but I was incredibly moved to see how my work (and the other art and photographs they've hung) took its place in their home.  A very gratifying experience, and I spoke to many people who were interested in the paintings and talking about the places and ideas in them.

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