March 12, 2012

Quatermaine's Bethesda Store

A sunny afternoon turned cloudy so I had to stop working on this exterior view of Quartermaine's Bethesda Avenue coffee shop. I was set up across the street in a small grassy patch in front of the Honda dealership, out of the path of passersby. The people in front of the store would come and go, park bikes, strollers, dogs... and then a couple of women sat down on the bench. They were having a very nice conversation and with my iffy vision I kept wondering if I was imagining it, or if it was my friend Joan and her friend Sherry.

It was -- they had no idea I was painting and especially that I was painting them. It was fun to realize that I couldn't have had better models if I planned it.

Color is going to be an issue with the painting, and I may have to project myself into spring a bit to bring out some of the warmer colors that will liven up the painting. Before the trees leaf out, a huge construction project is slated to begin just up the block and I'm not likely to be working on the painting once it starts. Also, the last time I painted at this spot, Bethesda Bagels next door had a bright red and yellow striped awning instead of their new and subdued brown. I miss that bright (garish!) color.

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