March 30, 2012

Coffee Roasting, Again

I'd painted Calvin releasing beans from the roaster onsite at the coffee plant. The canvas was pretty big, but not the size I'd been commissioned to paint. I couldn't bring the full 48 x 36 canvas into the plant, so I'm now painting the larger work using the earlier painting (hanging on the wall) as my source material.

This is a pretty new process for me -- creating new work from a painting -- and I'm finding it's simplifying the forms in the image and of course color choices are easier. The new painting is fully covered in paint, but there's a lot of adjusting to be done.
I was very happy with the smaller painting, but I think there are things that don't work as well in the larger size and there's a depth to the space in the smaller painting (maybe made entirely by the arc of the roaster top and vertical line that's not in the larger painting?) that I need to work on.

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