March 13, 2012

Painting a Horizontal Building in a Vertical Format

I sketched out an idea today to paint the horizontal building in a vertical format, including putting the company name where air conditioning vents actually are.

The canvas I was using had 2 slashes in it from some overzealous scraping of a previous painting, so this is really just a throw-away, a great way to work out ideas since there's no way anything can come of the work.

I'm going to move the company name down lower on the building and shift it so it's all visible (since it's not really there, it doesn't matter that you wouldn't see the whole company name when you can't see the full side of the building). It was breezy today and I couldn't start on the real thing, which will be on a large 36 x 48 canvas. I may have to work indoors on this one.

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