February 17, 2012

Coffee House, Roaster Paintings

I've been commissioned to paint the coffee roasting process at the plant of our local fantastic coffee shop. The coffee roaster they use is from 1939 and should make a wonderful industrial, smoky subject for a painting. I'll be going to the plant this month to take in the lighting, the color and the mood -- apparently it's quite loud as well so I may have to make up a "java" mix on my iPod to paint to ("Black Coffee in Bed," "Java Blues," what else?). The work will end up on the walls of the coffee shop.

The shops have been subjects I've painted before, but I'm also going to work on new, larger paintings to fit into the wall spaces. The past paintings are up in the shops, but weren't painted with the wall size in mind. Bigger, even more vivid paintings to come.

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