February 28, 2012

Calvin at the Roaster

This was my first time seeing the industrial process of coffee roasting. It was cold in the warehouse and around me deliveries were coming and going. I spent a couple of hours this morning trying to get a sense of what it was like, getting a feel for the movement, light, all that. I was painting in a kind of dark spot and had a hard time seeing the colors as I put them down. I also know the painting is going to hang in a spot that's not brightly lit, so I upped the intensity of the light areas, although you can see that it's a pretty high contrast scene anyway. Coffee roasting is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so I'll be back at this tomorrow.

I'm also trying to paint "solvent-free" both to decrease the amount of stuff I have to drag around and maybe do a little environmental good. So far, I'm pretty pleased with the way my brushes have cleaned up just using linseed oil while painting and baby oil to clean up.

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