January 1, 2010

A Threat of Oil Paint & A New Palette

I planned to paint Captiva. I packed my easel, panels, a palette and just about a million dollars worth of oil paint in my checked luggage. Upon arrival at in Florida, no paint. I appreciate the airport screening and all that, but oil paint? In checked luggage? What was the point of taking it out and not putting it back in?

So -- with the prospect of replacing all that paint looming over me, I'm thinking about my palette again (trying not to think about the cost!). I've become very reliant on a Gamblin color bizarrely named "caucasian flesh tone" which is a nice warm peach, like naples yellow touched with rose. I rarely use it for faces, but it works well as a light in a mostly blue painting, the way that naples yellow shines a light in purple ones. Maybe it's time to get rid of it... or try to mix up some new approaches to color. Keep posted.

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