January 6, 2010

Memory Painting

When I was in Captiva without my paints, I was on a dock while my kids were parasailing. I had about 45 minutes to study how the white-painted dock posts were darker than the water in places and how the water appeared darker than the posts. I wanted to capture that experience then -- such a simple and basic aspect of understanding how we see things -- but didn't have my paint. I took an old painting today and without anything but my memory (no photos, which is why I can't imagine what the masts/sails on the boat looked like), painted what I experienced.

I also took a final stab at the Apple Store. I don't know if I got to the point where it fully describes that feeling of looking at a reflection and into a store at the same time, but it's all I can recall of the experience.

When it's warmer out, I am really looking forward to painting en plein air again. For now, though, these paintings are giving me a chance to try out ideas and work more in my head.

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