January 14, 2015

Unexpected on the Metro

 I am working on a sketch to get ready to make a large metro painting.  The canvas I'm using for the sketch is 6" high by 12" wide.  In order to make it transportable, my plan is to make a triptych that's three panels that are something like 30" x 20" so that the final will be 30" high by 60" wide.  I need to play around with the math ... I may adjust this.

Anyway, I was looking at recent work by Ed Miller, a friend whose reality-based work is fantastic -- and his new work takes those works and moves beyond into a mix of reality and history, fantasy and dizzying perspectives.  It's not my direction, but I thought about how the unexpected in a painting can elevate work.  So... what if there was a girl in a bikini on the metro escalator?

To heighten the focus (as if she wasn't attention-grabbing already) I cooled down all the other color in the sketch so she is the main warm spot drawing you in.

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