January 23, 2015

Flowers, after the figure - updated

I painted a nude figure in the studio yesterday and I was not getting in the groove, not at all.  I have nothing to show for that effort.  I made the mistake of using a pretty small canvas and it went downhill from there.  We'll have that model next week and I hope to make a better showing of it next week.

For now, here's more flowers, painted using a photo from Maine last summer as a reference.  Good way to cheer up in the gray of winter.

The painting started out just fine, but I went back into it today to lighten the grassy lawn and create stronger contrast between the lawn and the trees at the background.  I ended up giving the flower stems a stronger role in the painting and I like the energy they add.

this is how it started last week
this is how it looks in final form

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