March 12, 2013

Jennifer Painting Evolves in the Studio

Yesterday, when Jennifer was modeling, I started my 2nd painting of her.. and found that once again, I'd centered her in the painting (see yesterday's post).  At the time, it was intentional, really!  I thought about making the line along her back an important part of the painting and wanted to keep that when I set up her placement.  As the painting went along, though, I wasn't really satisfied with that idea, as it didn't work with the emphasis of light as it washed the scene.  Her back was largely in shadow, just a flicker of light along her hip.

Today in my studio at home, I took yesterday's and last week's paintings of Jennifer and used them as source material to start a new painting, putting her at the right side of the painting.  This is the start, much better I think.  My sketched in pose tried to get a bit of the bottom-heaviness out of the figure, but she's stiffer than she should be, which I'll work out when I get further into this.  Unfortunately, we have a different model (the gypsy-bunny model will be back) tomorrow so I am going to have to do more thinking than seeing to get this done.  Maybe that says something about my balance of thinking and seeing.  Yet another thing to think about.

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