March 3, 2013

Gallery B Bethesda, May 2013, still life

I'll be sharing an art show with 6 other artists at Gallery B in Bethesda in May 2013.  One of the ideas that we're working on -- in addition to showing our individual works -- is putting together a work that combines pieces we've each done and auctioning/selling that combined work to benefit a local children's center.

This is the 9 x 12 still life I've been working on for my part in the combined work.  While I've painted still life works before, it's a pretty rare thing and even rarer that I set up the still life myself.  The glass jar that the rose is in came from Silly Cow cocoa mix, the rose came from a bouquet my daughter was presented with after a play performance, I won the pitcher at a fundraising event auction several years ago, the cloth is a napkin from my mother as an anniversary gift last year... and the clementines are just, well, fruit.  Sadly, that green background is actually the color of the walls in my studio.

After I finished the first still life,  I realized I still had a lot of paint left on my palette.  I hate to waste it, sometimes I just mix it all up to make a new ground for the next painting.  Instead, I decided to switch things up a bit and paint another still life.  Changed the pitcher for a Japanese imari bowl, moved around the clementines.

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