August 1, 2012

Studio Cleaning

Today I took a large number (a painfully large number!) of canvases to the transfer station.  That is the local euphemism for dump.  I loaded them in the car along with some beat up furniture, a badly mangled snow shovel and other junk and they are now gone.  Some of the work was unfinished, others not successful and some, well, I just didn't feel like they represented the vision I see for myself now.  My hope is that a cleaner studio will lead the way to some great painting this fall.

I rescued the above painting, which was at the back of a closet.  This painting was done at Riley's lock where the canal meets the Potomac River, probably in 2010.    Here's what I like about it:  the depth of the space; the way that you can see both arches yet you are drawn to look through the arch on the right; the warm abstraction of the intercutting of stone, tree branches and light on the far right and the cool light on the far left.

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