August 21, 2012

More From Maine

 While I was in Maine, I had a rental car -- I didn't drive my own paint-spattered car up there -- so I was very worried about driving around to paint.  The rental car was expensive enough without having to contend with charges for paint damage.

I ended up painting only what I could see from the house.  You can see why I feel like it's endlessly wonderful to be there from these paintings -- the harbor is the view from the East side of the house; the back barn is on the West side; the rock beach is to the south; the ferry and lobster boats are past the harbor; the rose hips are from the front lawn and set up on the porch in the still life of rose hip tea.  Usually I also paint the house itself, a beautiful 1880s Victorian Maine classic, and I also like to paint the Adirondack chairs on the front lawn before the beach.  No time this year.

You can see how varied the weather is -- and the light in fog is a completely different and diffuse glow compared to the crisp light under a blue sky.  And how, without leaving the house, you can experience the rocky coast, the busy working harbor, and relax on rocking chairs on the porch or on the lawn.

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