June 17, 2012

Painting in a Series -- More lilies

The lilies at Tregaron have quickly begun to go to seed.  I went back for an afternoon painting today.  The brush I was using, at one point, was the kind of brush that was just stiff enough that it took more paint off than it laid down.  Very frustrating.  I also used a few transparent colors that barely mixed with other colors.  Ugh.  I ended up with very thick paint and deep brushstrokes.

The pattern of the brushstrokes had to be worked to support some of the painting was upright plant material, some was a horizontal plane of water and some was reflected, going deeper below the surface.

There's a course at the Corcoran School on painting in a series that a friend of mine has taken.  I haven't taken it, but here I am, working my way through lily paintings.   I've been looking at how to take a subject and work on it using a variety of viewpoints, palettes and techniques.  The trick is to make the paintings work together.  Once these lily paintings are a bit drier, I need to see how well they group and what seems to be missing.

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