June 11, 2012

Airpark today,Water Lilies in progress

No shade except for a truck parked next to me at the airpark this morning.  I liked these two planes and the shapes made between them and around them.  Since it was 90 degrees out, I was working quickly... a good thing since the plane on the left flew off as I was wrapping this up. Other painters had been complaining about the fence -- I thought it helped ground the planes (so to speak!) and provide context.

Over the weekend, I started on a very large 36 x 48 painting of waterlilies.  I'd been out to Lilypons, a water garden paradise that sells everything you need for your own pond, including koi, and thought I might try to paint there.  It's not going to happen at that site -- it's too far away and I'm now realizing that lily ponds thrive and their flowers bloom in full sun.  Just the conditions that melt painters.  I took photos and this is being done from one.  I need to work more on the water -- there's a lot going on with shadows and the feeling of depth I still have to capture.  The blossoms are also rough at this point, but I like where it's headed.

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