December 6, 2010

Foundry Gallery Activity

I've barely had time to think about painting this fall -- not a good thing. Part of the problem is that I've accepted the position of co-president of the Foundry Gallery in Washington, D.C. The gallery business is tough and we are responding to the challenging economic climate with more events, more special shows to elevate the debate about art and the profile of the gallery.

Today I finished, with 2 colleagues, jurying a show we're holding in January to celebrate gay marriage. The submissions of work were inspiring! The discussions we had jurying the work were deep -- we only had the work to go on, no explanatory notes from the artists, so the interpretation of why images were chosen, palettes used, how the work would fit in the context of the show's theme -- and our choices will, I hope, be a great show next month.

I'm in a show in February at the gallery, one of four artists whose work will be in the main gallery. I shouldn't be writing this now, but up in the studio working!

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