December 27, 2010

Farms in Maryland, updated

These paintings were both started months ago. The soccer field in St. Mary's County was a quick sketch, but evoked a lot of comments from people. It needed a lot more paint, but I wanted to retain the loose and fresh feel of painting on a windy day. I think that one's done.

As for the wagon and farm, the painting was started with a big, not-quite-silhouetted barn obscuring the left hand side (you can see it months ago when I posted its image). I hated that barn -- it was supposed to push you past it, but it just didn't work. I've been at that farm enough, stared at enough wagons, that today I painted out the barn and painted in the rest of the wagon and the white farmhouse beyond. I still want to work on making the painting parts work together more, so I hope I'll get more time to play with it.

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