September 11, 2009

Mural in Bethesda

Coming soon -- my work this fall includes two commissions.

One is a mural, about 14 x 20 feet, to be painted on a garage wall in Bethesda. It's in a very visible public spot and although I suppose that's an opportunity to take great risks, I am sticking with sunflowers and garden landscapes. Still working out the actual image, but I've ordered the paint. Keim mineral paints are what's used by mural painters for works that last a hundred years. There's a whole system with pigments and grob coat and the end result is a non-peeling bond with concrete.

I also have to work on a commission painting that will be done from photos -- a planned Christmas gift.

Neither work is within my comfort zone of going outside, setting up some paint and spending a few hours in a frenzy of plein air painting. Both, though, will challenge me to bring more thought to my work and I'm looking forward to putting my thoughts in order!

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