July 17, 2008

Tips for the Day

1. This weekend at Glen Echo, July 18 - 20 from 12-5 pm each day, there's a show I've coordinated of landscape painters who have been studying under Walt Bartman.  Talented painters, low prices, it's a great deal.  I'll be in the gallery on Friday from 12 - 5.

2. Murphy's Oil Soap to clean brushes -- why didn't anyone tell me this before?  I put a big handful of brushes, tightly packed, into a jar with about 3/4 inch of Murphy's Oil Soap, left them overnight.  They are wonderfully paint-free today and the whole deal was cheap, easy, effective and much better than any brush cleaner I've tried before.   The deal's off it it means the brushes won't hold paint... but I figure a few swishes in mineral spirits before I paint next should have them in fine shape to pick up and lay down paint again.

1 comment:

George Carr said...

Thanks for tip about cleaning brushes. I have been trying out Woolite in a similarly-proportioned mixture with water, not soaking them but washing by hand. I read somewhere that you can conclude the washing process by squeezing out the soapy water with your fingers and simultaneously shaping the bristles, so that when the brushes are dry the soap film acts like a glue to keep the bristles in shape. But your way sounds easier, so I will try it!