July 3, 2008

Painting in Finland & Estonia

I made a spectacle of myself while on vacation in Finland and Estonia.  With the summer solstice light, I was able to paint at 10:30 at night and it was just about as bright as midday.  I had planned on doing a lot of mixing and bringing only primary colors, but I found that I'd brought cadmium red and it mixes pretty well into mud and that's about it.  While I bought mineral spirits at an art store in Helsinki, I didn't pick up crimson and I wish I had.  Quick dry white and a quick dry painting medium didn't really seem to offer much in the way of quick drying -- I did get these home in a Ray-Mar box that kept them separate, but they were still plenty wet when I got home.   Each of these oil sketches was done in about 45 minutes.

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I think the top one is truly