June 3, 2016

flowers from my garden - updated

I'm setting this aside to think about this.  The flowers are long gone, so I'm really working from my thoughts about how the light & color might bring focus to different areas of the painting.  I've toned another canvas the same venetian red and will be picking flowers from my garden tomorrow to start a new painting.  Below is how it started.

Working on a painting of flowers from my garden (except that sunflower -- it was from an arrangement).  I brought the flowers into the studio, along with some ants and such.  They were fresher when I started and I'm sure that the droop in the oak leaf hydrangeas will make them fade beyond painting tomorrow.  The flowers are: rose campion (which I grew from seeds years ago and keeps self-seeding), oak leaf hydrangea, nikko blue hydrangea, lonicera vine and tradescantia.  

I started this with a background of venetian red on the canvas and I'm really liking it.  I think it's going to stay.  I'll still be working on this even after the flowers are gone, but I'll have to use my memory to figure out how to finish this next week. 

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