January 9, 2016

Words in a Painting

I've decided to leave the study I was working as it is and take on another view of that same quote.  I've rarely put words into paintings, other than a vague impression of a sign on a store, so the focus on those words is going to be a new thing for me.  I've taken what I did on the previous painting, and have begun the focus on the words by cropping the image so it's horizontal (as writing is) and cropped closer to so that the words really lead you in and could be as important as the strong lines of the escalators.  I don't really have a roadmap for how to go about this, so I'm thinking a lot about the process.  I do want to end up with the words beliveably etched into the concrete, yet readable.

There's certainly a lot of examples out there of art that's just words or includes words.  I'm not sure that any of them speak to me as I want this painting to work.  Anyway, here's the opening layout of the new painting, where I plan to develop more about the idea of the experience sweet and sad.

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