November 12, 2014

Light Through the Trees & Color Mixing

I returned today to a subject I've painted before, the early morning light through trees, inspired by sights while walking the dogs on a beautiful fall morning this week.    The painting is not done, I'm going to work on thicker paint areas. I also have some adjustments to make once the paint is a bit drier and I can see just how transparent or opaque it really is.

In my studio, I have a new light that's broken -- it strobes for about 45 minutes to an hour before settling down -- and until it's fixed, I have to do something other than paint while it's flashing.  Today I decided to spend some time mixing paint.  I've been reading The Secret Language of Color (a great book!) and thinking about mixing paint according to the cyan-yellow-magenta trio.  As the book points out, you know your computer printer mixes every color from those three (plus black) so you should be able to as well.

So this is my palette -- to which I added burnt sienna (not on the palette in this photo), white for tinting and "black" mixed from oriental green & alizarin.

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