September 6, 2014

Tea Set in Maine

In my slow unpacking from August, yesterday I came across these paintings I'd stored in a pizza box.

The silver-plated tea set was a find at the Bass Harbor Library book & white elephant sale.  Whatever its original price, it was left behind after the sale was over, on a table with a "pay what you want" can for donations.  It seemed like a great subject for a still life on the porch, so I bought it and a plastic tote bag to carry it and left my $ in the can.

The intense sunlight on the porch made for some strong contrasts on the reflective metal.  I added some flowers and painted it while standing and sitting.

I left it at the house for another go at painting it next summer, I hope it will still be there.

Also in the pizza box -- painting of the ocean from a gray morning.

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