February 22, 2014

Tullps and Manzanilla Trees

This week we celebrated the official "grand opening" of the studio with a reception on Thursday night. The studios were packed with people and it was a wonderful event.  During the event, each of us artists sold a piece, which made it an extra special evening.  Roses, Paris, Spring will have a new home with an art collector who owns two smaller works of mine.

The reception leftovers included potted tulips.  I painted them by themselves and then in their setting in the studio.

The other painting I worked on this week was a 30" x 40" painting of the manzanilla trees on the beach in Mexico.  The 8" x 8" little study I had to work from was well suited to opening up into a rectangular painting.

One funny thing about the small study -- while in Mexico, a little boxer dog that had been visiting the house I was in, decided to take a leap up onto the bench next to the ledge the painting was drying on.  The first thing I noticed was the paint on the bench cushion… and then the dog paw print on the painting.  I didn't fix the paw print on the little painting -- it's a funny memory with a sound track -- the British voice of the dog's owner asking "but how do you know it was my doggie?"  That would be because I saw him on the bench….

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