October 23, 2013

Bethesda View of the World Giclee Print & Square

I sold my first print today and ran the charge through my iphone using Square.  Quite a leap forward.  Not only is the first time I've done a reproduction of my work, it's also a work I did as an interpretation of someone else's work and it was printed first on t-shirts!  The story is that I was asked to create art for a 5K race t-shirt and it seemed time to take the concept of Saul Steinberg's New York view of the world and apply it to Bethesda.  I had a lot of fun creating the watercolor that expressed what I saw as the local way of looking at the world -- the houses are from our neighborhood, I made choices about  what we see including our metro station, Navy Med, the Apple store and onto the world beyond.  The response was really positive and people asked if I would make prints.  Since the original work was a watercolor, I had the image reproduced and giclee printed onto watercolor paper.  Honestly, the prints are as vivid as the original. They are priced at just $25 -- not much profit in this for me -- because I think it's fun that so many people want them and I'm still not sure I could justify charging a lot for a print.

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