September 4, 2013

Working out a Painting Problem

This was the last painting I did in Maine and I decided to tackle a still life with a pretty complicated background -- house, trees, harbor & mountain.  I thought it was pretty well resolved in Maine, but when I got it home it seemed too dull, like I'd tinted the paint too much (mixing in white).

Now I'm trying to bring back more color, but I've feel like I've lost some of the relationships between the different elements of the painting and lost the overall color sense that made the earlier, muted version a cohesive painting.   This is most likely the result of two things -- one is that I'm not looking at the view from the porch in Maine, so I've got no reference for how I see the things in relation to one another; the other thing is that I don't know what colors I had on my palette and I think I've introduced colors that didn't exist in the original painting and they are not harmonizing with the colors that did.

This needs a day to sit and I will see what really needs fixing when I get back into it.

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