May 15, 2013

Finished Flowers, Steve's Likeness

I worked this week on finishing the flower painting --  now done -- and on the latest commission painting for Quartermaine's.  It's another view of the cupping process, with a view into the roasting area through the window.  Again, it features Steve.  This time, as I was working on the painting, I wasn't so much focusing on Steve's likeness as making what I wanted the painting to be.  When I brought the painting to the store for a light check (seeing how it looks in the store's lighting and in the spot in the store that I thought was a dark corner... which is really quite bright), Quartermaine's owners wanted to see more of Steve's likeness than a more everyman version of a coffee taster.

And now it looks just like him.  We'll see what he thinks when I deliver the painting in a week or so after it's dry enough to varnish.

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