January 19, 2013

Repainting, rethinking

I picked up the streaked, bleached, stained painting from Quartermaine's and washed it (as best I could) with Gamsol.  It removed most of the lemon pulp but left behind the stains from coffee and red fruit.  I realized I have to repaint the entire painting to cover the spots and streaks left behind.  You get a certain loose feeling when there's nothing you can salvage but the idea.

I always try to build on what I knew worked from before, but I never was satisfied with.  I decided the color was the first thing that I needed to fix.   Warm up the colors in the sun, make the colors in the shade both cooler and brighter.  Loosen up the figures.

The original painting is on the left.  The new, partially repainted version, still a work in progress, is on the right.  A little of the dull/darkness of the painting on the left is the photo quality, but a lot of it is the painting.  I'm thinking this repainting is working.


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