October 4, 2012

Working on Luminosity

The paintings I've been working on -- Main Street Kentlands and Town Hall, Washington Grove, have both been working for me ... mostly.  In my studio at home, where I'm not so blinded by outdoor sunlight (although I use a lamp that's supposed to provide the full spectrum of sunlight), I could see that my colors lacked luminosity in indoor light.  The show they'll be going to, at the Framer's Choice Gallery, will be illuminated much the same way that my studio is, so I have been working on putting more sunlight and contrast into the paintings.

When I was outside, I only had Payne's Gray with me -- indoors, my Ivory Black was a much darker, richer black and even so, I mixed in blues and crimson to make it warmer and cooler in the paintings.  Outside I was mixing white into paints to lighten them -- indoors, I used colors that are premixed to look like sunshine in a tube:  radiant lemon, radiant blue and the like.

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