May 7, 2012

Farmhouse painting

 I made a few adjustments to last week's farm painting and started a new one today.  Just after getting my stuff out of the car, an 80 year old woman decided to park next to me and I had the unnerving experience of listening to metal crunch as she parked right against me.  Not too much damage to my car although it was clear looking at the her car that I was not, by far, the first victim.

Feeling grateful that it was only my car, not me or a crowd of people she ran into, I went over to the farmhouse to paint.  I'd toned my canvas gray yesterday and worked the darks and lights from there.  I was still feeling rattled by the car experience (as the 80 year old didn't seem to realize it happened, I didn't confront her) and stopped painting this far into it.

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